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If you want to start your own radio station, with the best Shoutcast hosting, we will help you get set up and start streaming live, world wide. Our support is great and we take the time to help you understand the control panel, set up your website if needed, widgets and more.

We want your business! The first 7 days are free, there is no risk. Cancel any time. Feel free to contact us.

WHM Sonic Panel

Gives you total control over your radio stream, Auto DJ, playlists. etc. Advanced statistics panel.

Free Auto DJ

Automatically fade in and out when you go live. Add and delete DJs, manage your playlists, start and stop the stream and more.

MP3 or AAC+

MP3 or AAC+ streams are supported. You decide. MP3 is best for mobile devices and web players. Create several web players in your WHMSonic control panel or use the one we send you.

hosting service


We create shoutcast widgets for each customer individually and send the copy and paste code. They are included with all hosting plans. Order seperatley if needed.

Web Hosting

Shoutcast hosting can be oredered with or without web hosting included. We have great prices and will help you if you need it.

Android App

One time payment. You get the .apk packages. They're yours to host or upload to Google and Amazon. Ads or no ads, you decide on monetization.

more great features

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No matter what you need for your Shoutcast radio station, we have it. If you're new to Shoutcast hosting, we'll help you get started with your own radio station. If you've been using Shoutcast for a while, this will be a breeze!

ftp hosting

ftp access

You get full FTP access to your shoutcast radio station and web hosting. We recommend free Filezilla Client for FTP.

email for shoutcast radio hosting


If you order web hosting, you can det up emial accounts and data bases in your cPanel. See our NoSpam policy.

web player for shoutcast radio station

Unlimited Bandwidth

All of our plans come with unlimited bandwidth. Stream worldwide 24/7 without dropping listeners.

how to secure live stream

Secure Hosting

Your radio stream and web hosting will be secured with SSL to protect you and your listeners.

shoutcast radio hosting


Grow when you need to. Get started and build your station. We can always provide you more power when you need it.

shoutcast radio control panel

128 Bit Stream

All plans come with 128 Bit Stream. No extra charge, CD quality sound. Even talk shows want to sound their best. Other companies charge extra for this.

whmsonic control panel

cPanel Hosting

Complete WHM/cPanel access with web hosting. All advanced features included. Email accounts, MYSQL, PHP My Admin and more.

centovacast control panel

Status Page

Control your shoutcast listing, check stream status, listener peak and more. Register for Shoutcast and get your Hashtag.

centova cast

99.9% Up Time

High memory, bandwidth and storage. With our powerful network, your stream will always be available for your listeners.

why choose myradiohosting

shoutcast hosting

We have a 99.9% uptime and our support is one on one. If you are new to Shoutcast hosting and want to start your own internet radio station, we will help you. It's not hard and we will walk you through the easy steps to get started. You can even call us direct if you have a problem. No robot menus, just great support. We want your business and you can cancel any time.

my radio shoutcast radio hosting

Basic Plan

The basic plan is for radio stations that don't need web hosting. You get 100 listeners, unlimited bandwidth, free Auto DJ, WHMSonic control panel for station management, all widgets, 128 BIT stream, and 1 On 1 support. This plan is for stations that don't need or already have a website. Or stations that go live at certain times of the week.

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Basic Plus.

Everything included with the basic plan plus 5GB disk space (approx. 1200 songs), and website hosting. WHM/cPanel access, your domain, 5 domains allowed, 5 email accounts, 5 databases, advanced features, Five FTP accounts, PHP MyAdmin and more. if you need a website, this plan is for you and our support is great if you're new at it and need help.

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web hosting for shoutcast radio
free shoutcast radio hosting

7 Days Free

When you order any of our Shoutcast radio hosting packages, you get seven days free. This gives you time to set up your station, us time to setup your account, and program your widgets. We us Paypal subscriptions. Easy safe and secure. Try before you buy, no risk.

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Super Plan

The Super Plan is for well established stations with a large listener base. You get 200 listeners and everything inclued in the Basic and Basic + plans, and another 5GB of storage, 10GB total. Listeners come and go all day. Having a steady 200 listeners may be difficult to maintain. If you're not sure, order Basic Plus. You can upgrade later.

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basic shoutcast hosting
custom android app for shoutcast radio

Android App

Our Android Apps work with Adnroid 4.1+ across devices. You pay once, you get two packages. One for Google Play, one for Amazon. Or upload to your website for download. Up to 6 functions. Listen, email you, visit website, FB page, Twitter page, chatroom link, custom links, if you need them. Our ads, your ads, or no ads. Any station can order our Android App. Get a discount for using our ads.

  • No high monthly fee

    Two packages

  • Guaranteed to work

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choose your shoutcast plan

streaming software

Select one of our competitive plans priced below our competition. No one will give you the listeners and 128 bit rate for this price. Nor will you get the 1 on 1 support we offer.



Per month

  • 100 listeners
  • 2GB Storage/FTP
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • free auto DJ
  • WHMSonic control panel
  • all widgets
  • 1 on 1 support
  • order now

basic plus


Per month

  • basic featurs +
  • 5GB disk space total
  • web hosting/cPanel
  • your domain name
  • 2 emails and databases
  • advanced features
  • MYSQL/PHP Myadmin/FTP
  • order now



Per month

  • 200 listeners
  • all basic plus features
  • + 5GB storage, 10GB total
  • web hosting w/cPanel
  • 5 domains allowed
  • 5 email accounts
  • 5 databases
  • order now

Android App


One Time fee

  • NO monthly fee
  • android 4.1+ devices
  • you get the 2 packages
  • upload to google & amazon
  • your ads or no ads
  • Our ads - get a discount
  • Try One - Click Here
  • More Info

start building your radio station today

Our 1 On 1 Support

If you are new to Shoutcast radio hosting and live streaming, you will have some questions. We will help you set up your new radio station and with the control panel. When you order, we will set up your account and widgets, and send you the copy and paste code. If you need help, we will be there. We want to keep your business. Feel free to contact us!

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Our Shoutcast Widgets

All radio stations need widgets. Anyone can order ours for a reasonable cost. We code them just for you and send them to you. Just copy and paste into your website. Now playing, web player, listen links, DJ Status and more. All are included with our hosting packages.




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