About us

Since 2007 we have operated our radio stations. In the beginning, we hosted with other companies. Each time their services were lacking. Either the stream would go dead, their server would crash, support would take days to answer, etc.

We decided to build our own server with all the features most important to a shoutcast radio station. After testing the two primary server packages used to host stations, we decided on WHMSonic. Then we developed fast loading widgets, custom Android Apps, and our server went live.

Now we're expanding and offering the same excellent shoutcast hosting to our customers. We want to host your radio station. Our commitment is to help you any way we can.

  • 99.9% Uptime

    Personal 1 on 1 support

    Great widgets

  • Unlimited bandwidth

    Great control panel

    Great pricing

Our History

We have over 11 years experience with our stations and server, and with the other companies that make things complicated.

Our Mission

To provide the best shoutcast radio hosting, and help our customers stream their message world wide, 24/7 365 days a year.

Our Vission

To see all people interested in operating a shoutcast station get started. Your success is our success. Clients are our partners.

Visit our station for an example
of what you can do

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