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Any station that is serious about listeners, needs an Android App. 53% of our listeners are mobile. Yours probably are too. We don't charge any monthly fees for our Android Apps. We build it just for you. You get the packages. We test all features prior to delivery.

The screen shot above will give you an idea of what your app will look like. You will get two packages. One for Google Play, and one for Amazon Apps. Upload them for distribution or host them yourself for download.

You can select from three different options.

$39.00 Version. Contains Our Ads
    Six different App Activities. Choose the ones you want. Listen, visit website, email us, call us, FB Page, Twitter Page, link to your chat room, any custom links.

    $49.00. No Ads Included In Your App

    In the "No Ads" version, you have the same options as listed above. Select the ones you wish, up to six. No advertisements will be displayed in your android app.

    $79.00 Version. Monetize Your App

    Your app can be monetized with your own Ad Mob account information and Amazon Affilaite ID. You will also be able to send "Push" notifications to your app users. To provide us the information needed to monetize your app, you will need to provide the inforamtion. Sign up for the services listed below to get this.

  • Monitize with Google Ad Mob. Sign Up Here. AND Amazon Mobile Ads. Sign Up Here
  • Push messages through AirBop. Sign Up Here. Get 1,000 Activated devices free!
  • Google Analytics Tracking Sign Up Here. You will need a Google Developer Account to upload to the play store. Sign Up Here

No one is going to give you all that for a one time fee, with no monthly charges. The free ones out there are loaded with advertisements. You will get the packages. One for Google Play and one for Amazon.

If you decide to monetize your app, you will need Project ID's and Secret Keys for each service you sign up for.

Once you order we will instruct you on how to get the needed information if you're having any problems. If you have a lot of listeners, it will be worth your time.

Now matter which version you order, we'll start building your app right away. Apps are built in the order they are received.

After ordering you will be taken to our form to send us the information we need to get started.

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