the best cheap shoutcast widgets that work.
Cheap Widgets That Work

We Code Widgets Just For You. Included with all hosting plans or order separatley

When you order your Shoutcast Widgets, we take a look at your site and code them jsut for you. Once done, we send you the copy and paste code to put into your website. And it's very affordable.

We used to pay other companies to use theirs. Something was always lacking or they didn't fit right. Knowing exactley what's needed, we perfected them. You can see them on our station "Biker Valley Radio". Each is light weight and fast loading. No more buggy widgets.

With the update to Shoutcast V2 we found the DJ Status widgets no longer worked. Our programmer, Paul B., solved that and we have that too!

The DJ Status widget will have a separate Admin area for you to add DJ profiles, set them as live, and set the auto DJ to show live. You can also receive song requests.

Included For $2.99 Per Month

7 Days Free - Cancel Any Time, No Contract

After you order, you'll be taken to our thank you page to submit the information we need to get started. Once done, we'll have them to you in a day or two. We test all widgets before we send the code. Just copy and paste!

  • Now Playing Widget, Recently Played Widget, Web Player and Popout Player
  • DJ Status Widget with Admin Area
  • Tune in links for Winamp, WMP, Real Player and Quicktime

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